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To our consumers and international distributor

In order to guarantee the high quality of the adventure playground ropes course you construct, we, at Henan Jianpei Industrial Co., Ltd, highly recommend that you purchase and construct solely from the exclusive authorized distributor of your country of domicile who follows proper importing procedures, checking the quality of the Adventure Playground ropes adventure before and after importation.

Quality, design and PPE inspection and Ropes course maintenance is important for ropes adventure course, quality checks are carried out prior to shipment by Jianpei and further checks are made when the shipment is received by our authorized partners in other countries.

With their experience and knowledge of course themes, site characters, traffic flow, conditions of the respective region and government regulations, all of which may affect the construction of the ropes courses, our sole, exclusive authorized importer is best aware of the requirements, and so we highly recommend that our products are purchased from authorized dealers in the respective country only.

As a manufacturer,JP Development is also committed to correct distribution control in order to ensure the quality of the products, notably through our authorized import and distribution partners. We cannot guarantee the safety and quality of products offered by unauthorized third parties, nor the conditions in which the products are sold.

For this reason we highly recommend that customers purchase our products from the sole, exclusive authorized distributor we have designated in their country or its official sources of distribution.

Also welcome you to contact us about distribution matter.

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