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Summary Meeting of Work in 2017.01~2017.06

On Jul. 08, 2017, JP came to Airport Agricultural Park to hold the Summary Meeting of Work in 2017.01~2017.06.


On 06:50 am, attendees got together at office building and start the 1-day trip. One hour later, we got to the destination, Airport Agricultural Park, where JP built an outward bound training base and supplied team building equipment.


At 08:30 am, JP started the meeting with an energetic dance named Who’s Better. Mr. Jin, the Chairman of Development Group Board of Directors, delivered a speech on Our Market Status and Future Opportunities and gave us a general guideline for the following work, namely, Deep Plowing (深耕细作), which encouraged us and brought us more confidence. Following Ms. Zang, General Manager of JP, launched her speech on what’s Done and What to Be Done, in which she made a summary of our work in 2017.01~2017.06, and specified what our mission is in the following work, which strengthened our resolve and made our direction more clear. Head of Each Department all gave a summary of their work and future plans.


Then, the Awarding part came. Ten Model Employees, two Champion Employees, two Excellent Employees, one Excellent Team and one Champion Team were awarded honors and prizes respectively. And to our excitement, we, International Project Department, won the honor of Champion Team.


In the afternoon, every team demonstrated his demeanor and morale officially. And we take part in a team building program, Power Circle, to build up the whole team’s cohesion. Then, we go to visit our project case built in the park.


18:00, Carnival Party started. We song, we danced, we laughed, and we drank beers. The air was full of joy, and everyone was so happy.


This summary meeting was fruitful: we found our problems, celebrated our achievements, came up with guidelines, and prepared ourselves for the following battles. It’s an end of the first half of 2017, and a new start of the next half of the year. COME ON, EVERY ONE.

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