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Climb London’s 62-Story Skyscraper Glass Climbing Wall

In the age of startup companies and culture, perks of the office are a big factor these days. Beyond the typical ping-pong table, catered lunches, gym memberships and snacks, some offices offer even more outlandish perks to entice companies and employees for added benefits.


One such office building is doing just that in London. The Twentytwo building, currently under construction, is a 62-story tower in the middle of the city that will offer some top-notch perks. The most incredible of them all will be a glass climbing wall that will offer spectacular views of London from 410 feet above the ground on the 25th floor.


This is by no means the first glass climbing wall in the world, but it will be the first in London and highlights how prominent climbing gyms have truly become. Entrants will be able to climb routes fixed on clear glass planes overlooking the city and expansive drop. Clearly, this isn’t a great option for those afraid of heights! But for climbers looking to work off some stress after a hard day’s work, the indoor wall with towering views could be a blast.


With a scheduled opening in 2019, you can bet that there will be a few people who take jobs in offices within Twentytwo specifically to get their climb on during lunch, which can be regarded as a good rest activity. However, before it opens, how could you climb a skyscraper to have a stress release?


There’s a good option for you—to climb JP’s Lighted Building Climbing Wall which mimics skyscraper, a fun climbing wall can be built indoor and outdoor and size can be customized.


Apart from this, JP also offers other interesting climbing wall for you to build in your climbing gym. If interested, please feel free to contact us.

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