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5 Things U'd Know Before Build Aerial Adventure Parks

With winter around the corner, Indoor Aerial Adventure Parks seem to be more popular for those who never cease to challenge themselves. The aerial adventure parks JP built allow visitors to climb, balance and swing from heights as high as 13m or as low as 4m.


To help you well plan your aerial adventure course construction project, here is a list of five things you should know before plan your challenge ropes course construction project.


1. A Course for Kids – The whole family can challenge the high ropes course together, but usually Kids four-years-old and up are qualified to enter the aerial world. To be in line with childrens physical and psychological condition, a challenge course with both high ropes and low ropes for kids would be a good design. With a responsible adult present, kids can have their very own elements to discover and explore. They can explore the low ropes solo or challenge the high ropes for a joint experience.


2. Choose Your Challenge – JP build high low ropes course with 100+ different aerial challenges activities that range from 4m to 13m in the air. There are many elements to choose from, such as walking over aerial bridges, crossing tight-rope walks, swinging through floating foot loops and traversing giant spiders’ webs. Choose your challenge elements according to your target customers preference and your ropes course function.


3. No Experience Needed – No experience is required when exploring the JPs aerial adventure course. With challenges of varying difficulty levels offered, there is something to please hardcore adventure seekers as well as people who prefer to keep their adventure closer to the ground. So dont worry about the visitors training, and they should just come and try it.


4.  Guests Are the Decision Maker – Unlike zip lines or canopy tours, your customers are the the one to make the decision of what route they want to take and the height with which they are comfortable. There are a variety of ways to make their way through the course, and guests have the freedom to take as many breaks as they want. As a result, stop troubling yourself with the tour path setting.


5. Safety is Priority –  Safety first. Remember that before entering the course, each guest should be fitted helmet and harness, and be educated on how to use personal safety tethers, course procedures, and how to enter and exit the course. So quality of ropes course and harness should be the key to selecting good ropes course supplier and builder. JP adhering to industry leading standards for construction, inspection, equipment and staff training, and were glad to offer help throughout your whole construction procedure.


Ready to start your aerial adventure park project? If you have any question, please feel free to inquire JP Development.

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