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Tips on Climbing Wall Maintenance

A scientific inspection schedule makes your climbing wall maintenance efficient. As professional artificial climbing wall manufacturer, JP Development would like to offer some basic tips on Climbing Wall Maintenance schedule, to help you better maintain your climbing walls in your gym.


climbing wall maintenance


1. Lead Ropes: you can inspect less frequently if not highly used

2. Auto Belay Equipment: some manufacturers require daily inspection of line

3. Top Ropes: visual inspection required



1. Rental Harness, Instructional Harnesses, etc.: replace them should equipment display high signs of wear, or after 3 years of use

2. Belay Devices, Carabiners and other hardware: inspect for cracks, wear, or deformations, retire and replace when necessary


Every 6 Months--

1. Belay Bars: inspect for wear and tightness/integrity of fasteners

2. Lead Bolts and Double Top Anchors: Inspect for wear and tightness/integrity of fasteners and hardware

3. Quick-draw: inspect for wear and replace it as needed. Inspect carabiners for wear and integrity. May inspect areas of high chafe more frequently

4. Floor Anchors: check for excessive wear of daisy chains, check integrity and tightness of quick links, bolt hangers and fasteners

5. Shoes and helmets: inspect for wear, replace as required

6. Auto Belay Maintenance



1. Tighten Panel Bolts

2. Belay Bar Weld Inspection: check inside and outside welds for integrity and cracks, judge any looseness

3. Primary Structure Inspection: inspect fasteners from structure to parent structure, inspect ledgers, girts columns

4. Weld inspections of structure

5. Surface patching: patch aesthetic surface blemishes, if necessary

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