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College Students' Off-campus Training Base

In order to enrich the leisure life of contemporary college students, and at the same time to improve their physical fitness, many universities will build university students' off-campus bases. The Henan University of Engineering College students’ off-campus base has been established and put into use based on the construction of JP. Some of the equipment are as follows.

Hanging Bridge: Participants need to grasp the sling with both hands, the foot on the round wood, through the suspension bridge. This project exercises balance skills and requires participants to be calm and patient.

obstacle course, ropes course, climbing wall

S Bridge: The challenger needs to start from one end of the bridge, overcome the fear caused by the tilt of the bridge, and quickly run to the other side. It can enhance courage.

obstacle course, ropes course, climbing wall

Climbing Net Bridge: The challenger need climb from the end of the bridge along the net to the other end. This fosters the coordination and flexibility of the body, the ability to overcome fear, and enhance courage.

obstacle course, ropes course, climbing wall

Swing Tire: The operator needs to grab the steel chain and step on the tires, moving from one to the other. Since each tire has only one fixed point on the support frame, the tire will have a large swing amplitude during the running, and the movement is difficult, which requires the operator to enhance self-confidence and encourage himself. This is also a comprehensive training of his physical fitness.

If you want to build similar obstacle course or ropes course, you can choose us. JP is professional manufacturer in this area. 

obstacle course, ropes course, climbing wall

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