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Come to Xinxiang to Experience Outward Bound Equipment

Where to go for the weekends and holidays? Do you want to experience something different? Outward Bound course is a good choice. Outward Bound Equipment designed and built by JP has been completed.


Blind Obstacle: Participants need teammates' tips, blindfolded in high and low, and left and right curved boards to complete the journey. Enhance teamwork spirit and foster interpersonal trust. Enhance guts, exercise coordination, balance and rapid response.


Outward Bound Equipment, ropes course,climbing wall

Self-reliance Swing: Several participants sat in the chair at the same time and swayed the swing by themself. Unite and work together to experience friendship and fun.


Tire Slope: Several rows of tires were fixed on the steel frame and the participant climbs the tire slope. Exercise physical fitness and climbing ability.


Outward Bound Equipment, ropes course,climbing wall

Travel Through Time: Participants hold the swaying steel ring and step on the wire rope. Each steel ring is both an armrest and an obstacle. It is necessary to pay attention to retracting the body and lifting the foot through the steel ring.


JP is a professional manufacturer of outward bound equipment. If you are interested in this, please feel free to contact us. 

Outward Bound Equipment, ropes course,climbing wall

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