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Type and Material of Climbing Wall

If you are interested in climbing wall and want to buy it, do you have to understand the type and material of climbing wall first?


The first type is a simulation type: the rock plate is sampled and regenerated according to the shape of the natural mountain, and the simulation degree is high, and there are various structures such as real walls, walls and eaves.


The second type is competitive type, has certain climbing difficulty, is challenging, and can meet the requirements of competitive competitions; professional design, using high-strength simulation composite rock slab, the design route and difficulty are for rock climbing professionals, enthusiasts and Military, police, high-altitude operations and other special industry training and competition. The outdoor climbing wall made by JP is made of fiberglass.


climbing wall, playground, amusement park

The third type is children's type, the products are safe and reliable, colorful, lively and generous, with various shapes and plates. The surface of the rock board is painted with environmentally friendly materials, suitable for amusement park, playground and shopping center. This type of climbing wall is the main product of JP.


JP has more than ten years of experience in climbing wall and is trustworthy. Please feel free to contact us.

climbing wall, playground, amusement park

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