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High Ropes Course at Virginia Tech

A new high ropes course is opening at Virginia Tech.


This state-of-the-art high ropes challenge course is open this fall. The course is located behind the Marching Virginians Practice Field and the Sport Clubs fields and can be seen from the Huckleberry Trail. Activities will be open to Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students as well as off-campus and corporate groups.


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This challenge provide a opportunity as a dynamic and innovative addition to the student experience. When participants step onto the course, they will literally be venturing out of their comfort zone and venturing out into a world of new-found self-confidence and potential.


ropes course, challenge course, adventure course

The course will also be utilized for open recreation events where individuals who desire a new challenge or personal thrill can spend time working on one element of the course, such as the zigzag swing, sky ball, or zip line.


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ropes course, challenge course, adventure course

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