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Courage is Knowing What Not to Fear

Adventure ropes course is a new type of comprehensive and comprehensive youth and children's paradise. It is designed for the likes of drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swaying, jumping and shaking such as Hanging Pile, Spider Net, Hanging Log, Tyre Traverse, etc.


Hanging Pile: It is in the shape of an arch bridge. A great activity for agility and balance. Participant can step on the log at different heights. This event shows how fear affects our perception. They provide traversing and swing challenge.


adventure ropes course, amusement park,climbing wall

Adventure ropes course puts the child in a thrilling and safe and relaxing environment. The facility is designed to give full play to vitality and imagination, while the body is exercised while having fun. It is conducive to enhancing the psychological qualities of children who are eager to win, unwilling to lag behind, and brave to explore, so that children can grow healthy and happy.

adventure ropes course, amusement park,climbing wall

It can be tailored to customer requirements, and the number of people carried at one time is also greatly increased to meet the needs of investors under specific site conditions. It is the first choice for the transformation of traditional amusement parks.


JP's a star product is adventure ropes course, please feel free to contact us.

adventure ropes course, amusement park,climbing wall

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