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Have you heard the concept of camp education

“Camp Education” was born in the China Camp Education Alliance and the China Camp Education Institute. Camp education is a place to share and encourage them to actively try. Here, children can enjoy the joy of family collaboration.


The camp education originated in the United States and has a history of more than 150 years, affecting the growth of generations in the United States. Camp education is the best bridge linking school and family education.

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The American Camp Association defines camp educationas a continuous experience in the form of team life outdoors that is creative, entertaining and educational. Through leadership training and the influence of the natural environment, each camper is able to achieve physical, psychological, social and spiritual growth.


There are many courses in excellent camp education, such as climbing wall, treetop adventure course, high ropes course, etc.

ropes course, treetop adventure course, climbing wall


For example, treetop adventure experience is a healthy and stylish green outdoor event. Not only can you experience the thrill of falling and free gliding, but also the thrill of climbing and climbing through the trees.


JP is a company that integrates curriculum, design, development, production, installation and after-sales. Feel free to contact us.

ropes course, treetop adventure course, climbing wall

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