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Eco-agricultural Sightseeing Park Welcomes You

The fast pace of urban life has led many young people to yearn for nature, fields, lawns, greens and ecology. The Eco-Agricultural Tourism Park is just enough to meet the needs of young people. 


Chongqing Nanhai Global Village Ecological Agriculture Company creates an ecological garden scene that not only has the characteristics of ecological agriculture but also has the aesthetic value of sports culture through the rational organization and layout of the functions of each project. Outward bound equipment in the sightseeing park was designed and built by JP.


Twisted life: The participants grab the rope on both sides. Constantly changing body posture, the left and right hands exchanged force to the end. Exercise participants arm strength and body balance. The twisted wooden board allows participants to connect with the twisted life, and the growth of people needs to be hardened.


ropes course, outward bound equipment,amusement park

Unite to win: Participants stand on the steel plate to balance, relying on the teammates on the ground to pull the rope to advance the pedals to the end. It fosters a sense of cooperation between teams and mutual encouragement.


ropes course, outward bound equipment,amusement park

Water curtain hole: Participants pulled the protective rope, one hand held the steel ring, and the foot rope moved forward. When encountering the obstacle circle, the participant first lifted the foot through the steel ring, and then the body collapsed through the steel ring.


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ropes course, outward bound equipment,amusement park

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