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Forest Ropes Course
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Descender & Ascender
  • Descender & Ascender

Descender & Ascender

Descender & Ascender,Figure 8 Descender,Figure 8 Rescue Descender,Hand Ascender,Foot Ascender,Fall Arrester. Brand name: LIMIT Got the license of ISO9001/14000/18000, CE

ODL-302-S Figure 8 Descender

figure 8 descender
Aluminum anodic oxidation.
Heat treatment, bright polished.
Weight: 100g.

ODL-304 Figure 8 Rescue Descender

Descenders rope,8 descenders
Brand name: LIMIT    Code: ODL-304
Weight: 260g, size: 172mm*172mm,
Breaking strength: 40KN,
for ropes between Ø 9mm and Ø 16mm.

ODL-1501-L/R Hand Ascender

Self-braking descender for ropes to belay when climbing.
In a pulley system, can make the hoisting system reversible.
Weight: 225g, Size 193 mm
for ropes between Ø8 and Ø 13 mm.

ODL-1601-L/R Foot Ascender

Weight: 130g,
For ropes between Ø8 and 13 mm.
Self-braking descender for ropes to belay when climbing.
In a pulley system, can make the hoisting system reversible.

ODL-1701 Fall Arrester     

Wire rope fall arrester, climbing fall arrester
Brand name: LIMIT    Code: ODL-1701;
Weight: 270g, For ropes between Ø10 and 13 mm
Pass CE test.

ODL-1801 Self-braking descender for ropes

Stop descender, climbing descender, stop descender
For ropes between Ø10and 11 mm.
Breaking strength: 100kg, Compliant with CE & UIAA.

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